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The team is amazing to work with. They are a wonderful partner.

December 12, 2023

Thanks to 1Digital Agency’s efforts, the client has seen a significant increase in web traffic and qualified demo requests. The team has executed a smooth workflow through effective communication and timeliness. They are responsive and skilled in the partnership.

Luke George

Platform Migration

December 1, 2023

We hired 1Digital after filtering through other agencies that could handle platform migrations. We found that they had the best approach and they were way more detailed in their proposals than other agencies. Switching platforms felt daunting until we partnered with 1Digital. Brian and Joe guided us expertly through migrating to Shopify Plus, wrapping it all up in just 6 months. We faced challenges, but they were quick to solve issues and recommend smart 3rd party solutions.

They’re still supporting us with phase 2 enhancements and have started an SEO campaign to keep our rankings strong.

Jack Smith

Exceptional experience

November 30, 2023

As a small business owner, I understand the critical role of digital marketing in today’s competitive landscape. That’s why I want to share my exceptional experience with 1Digital® Agency, a team that transformed our online presence through their SEO, PPC, and social media campaigns.

When I first approached 1Digital, I was looking for a comprehensive strategy to boost our online visibility and sales. They exceeded my expectations in every way. The dedicated team at 1Digital was a breath of fresh air. Unlike my previous experiences, their communication was clear, consistent, and always on point. They assigned a team of four experts to my project, each specializing in different areas of digital marketing.

From the onset, 1Digital took the time to understand my business, its unique needs, and the competitive landscape. They crafted a tailored SEO strategy that focused not just on keywords but also on improving the overall user experience of our website. Within three months, we saw a 152% increase in organic traffic, and our primary keywords climbed significantly in rankings, with many hitting the first page of Google search results.

The PPC campaigns were another area where 1Digital shined. They managed to reduce our cost per click by 20% while increasing our click-through rate by 15%. This efficiency in ad spend resulted in a 40% increase in leads from our paid channels. Moreover, their transparent reporting ensured I was always aware of where my investment was going and the returns it was generating.

On the social media front, 1Digital’s creative approach helped us engage better with our audience. They developed a content calendar that aligned perfectly with our brand voice and customer interests. The result? A 50% increase in our social media engagement and a 25% growth in our follower base across platforms, all contributing to a noticeable boost in traffic to our site.

Their attention to detail was evident in every aspect of their service. The team regularly updated me on the progress, addressing any concerns I had promptly. They were always proactive, anticipating challenges and presenting solutions before they became issues.

In terms of technical SEO, 1Digital proved their expertise. They conducted a thorough audit of our site and resolved over 100 technical issues, including optimizing meta descriptions, fixing broken links, and enhancing site speed. The improvement in site performance was immediate and remarkable.

I was particularly impressed with their adaptability. When we encountered an unexpected drop in traffic due to an algorithm update, the team at 1Digital was quick to analyze and adapt our strategy, helping us recover our rankings swiftly.

In conclusion, my experience with 1Digital® Agency has been nothing short of phenomenal. Their strategic approach, combined with their execution excellence, has not only enhanced our online presence but also translated into real business growth. Our ROI from digital marketing efforts has improved by 60% since partnering with them. I highly recommend 1Digital® Agency to any business seeking to elevate their digital marketing game.

Attached are screenshots from our improved Google Analytics 4, SEO Campaign performance, and Social Media engagement metrics as evidence of the incredible work done by 1Digital.

Colleen K.

They surpassed our expectations.

November 28, 2023

Thanks to 1Digital Agency, the client witnessed a fivefold boost in search traffic, significantly improving their keyword and SEO rankings. They also doubled the budget of their PPC campaigns while lowering the CPC. 1Digital Agency’s communication and quality delivery were hallmarks of their work.

Melissa Aholt

Great Overall

November 27, 2023

Working with 1Digital has been great overall. They completely reimagined my business’s website and made some changes that even I didn’t think of before speaking with their strategists. They completely redid my mega menu which is a big bonus because my company sells so many products. It just makes navigation that much better. Plus, my whole website has a more modern look and feel now. I guess what I’m saying is 1Digital’s development team isn’t just going through the motions. They actually THINK about what will make a successful website and then they bring it to life!

Carol W.

Top Notch

November 20, 2023

I have to be honest, I’ve always been skeptical about SEO because it seems like a lot of smoke and mirrors. But that was until I worked with the team at 1Digital. They were completely transparent about the whole process, found some really great target keywords, and sent me detailed reports every month that showed what searches/keywords my website was increasing for, and how many new impressions, clicks, and visitors my website was getting. Communications, strategy, and execution are top notch. I would give 6 out of 5 stars if I could.

Matthew H.

Great Experience

November 12, 2023

Great experience working with 1Digital. We contracted them for an end to end e-commerce site build with ongoing SEO blog campaigns. The team took on our project after a series of focused kick-off and scoping calls, and rapidly delivered a great site for us. They kept us in the loop with bi-weekly updates along the way, and gave us many opportunities for input. Overall, very happy with the process. Money well spent.

Dean Dijour

Great Marketers

November 8, 2023

Great Marketers, especially Elijah!

The FB ads she did for me got better results than mine, and I’ve been in marketing for 30 years (FB for 12). Speakers at digital marketing conferences I attend always tout their results, and when I see them I think “our ads perform a lot better than that, and they are billed as the best in the game.” And the google campaigns 1Digital did for me do just as well. 1Digital has some really talented, responsive and motivated people. I’ve now referred my closest business associates to them.

Spencer Kluesner

Great SEO experience – best agency I have come across

August 3, 2023

Working with 1Digital for their SEO services has been a satisfying experience. Unlike previous teams I have used over many years, they never overpromised and have focused on crucial SEO aspects. Their personalized approach is what made the difference for me. I appreciate their attention to detail and while there is always some collaboration needed from me and my team, they have showcased adaptability and have proven to be a real asset for my BigCommerce store. Overall, their communication has been great, and have made sure that the long-term plan for organic growth is actually paying off with time.

Mitch Wholesale Outlet

Great experience and a reliable agency partner

July 22, 2023

Working with 1Digital Agency has been a really solid experience. As we sell glass pipes through BigCommerce, we wanted a website that’s both friendly and functional – and they delivered. The team at 1Digital got what we were about right from the start. They crafted a website that fits our vibe and is super easy for our customers to navigate. We’ve noticed some really positive feedback from our customers about the site. What stood out for us was their knowledge about BigCommerce. They guided us through the process, making it straightforward and much less daunting. Overall, we’re genuinely pleased with how things turned out with 1Digital Agency. They’re reliable, understanding, and good at what they do. It’s been a positive journey with them.

Gene G

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